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Are you an Aspiring entrepreneur or existing business owner looking for someone to help you get your big dream out of your head and into reality?

If so, you have come to the right place.

You’re here because you know deep down that you are simply not living up to your full potential whether by choice or by simply not knowing exactly how to move forward.

You may find yourself stuck in overthinking and end up talking yourself out of going for what you really want.

Overthinking and Overwhelm, are such common experiences, that many have accepted that it is something they must cope with, & sadly, it is what also keeps so many people limiting their potential, playing small and never experiencing the success money and freedom they are truly capable of.

If you have reached the point where you are sick and tired of feeling stuck or progressing at a snails pace and you want someone that can both show you & teach you to confidently and comfortably implement the actions required to achieve not only your business goals but your full potential.

I have great news!!! I have created a series of processes that can help you to create a long term solution to eradicate the debilitating effects of the limiting blocks holding you back from achieving your goals.

Connect with me to develop the perfect strategy designed to suit you ando get you exactly where you want to be.


Why you should connect & how I know I can help you…



My name is Dionne williams,

I am a Business Strategist & Consultant with 15 years experience helping start ups, SME’s & Corporates in the areas of Business, Credit & Finance.

I’m an ex-Business Banking Manager for Natwest Bank, where I spent 8 years helping thousands of entrepreneurs to open new business accounts and hundreds more with business planning, advice & strategy to develop & grow their fledgling businesses into 6 & 7 figure turnover.

I’m also an ex-Experian (Credit Reference Agency) Business Executive and have 5 years experience teaching and educating the Top FTSE 100 CEO’s, Directors, Credit Managers & their teams, what is contained & exactly how to understand & use Credit Report & Scoring Information.

And a Certified Transformational Coach.

I combine deep motivational empowerment processes with Business Industry Insider Secret Strategies along with high level Consultancy for high growth businesses & their owners.


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What I Do

Business Consultancy, Strategy & Transformational Coaching

Receive a 12-month Personalised Cash Flow Forecast & Income Generation Plan (Income in & Income out & when) plus what is required each month to achieve desired income goals & a 12-month Personalised Strategy & Implementation Plan to be reviewed monthly

Plus Holistic Business Consultancy & Confidence Coaching that will change your life!

The Get Set Go Plan

Receive a review of your Goal & Income Generating Strategy a review of your niche, your Ideal customer & your content & messaging

Receive a review of your current Communication Strategy and current vs desired Income & Expenditure Review.

Combine that with the Success Activator + Resistance, & Doubt Buster sessions (The letting go of limiting beliefs, ideas, thoughts, feelings deeply embedded and fueling self-sabotage) & you’re ready for success

Group Empowerment & Mindset Programs

I will identify the mindset or current belief limitations

You will receive solutions for changes in the actions & behaviours required

You will receive solutions for Mindset shifts required

I will identify Mindset shifts required to achieve the desired (who do you need to become in order to hit your desired income goals)

All services are tailor made for the individual. No cookie cutter strategies here.


Private Group Leadership workshops available

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