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Business Strategist & Mindset Specialist
Find out how I help to eliminate the blocks to your Success

Why Get Set Go?

Fear, self-doubt & not being fully confident in ourselves, our ideas or our value can have a debilitating effect on our ability to achieve our goals.
Not only do these doubts impact our decision making, but they also impact our ability to price our services, sell our products & services, speak in public, make important connections & take the necessary steps towards our financial freedom & success.
Imagine, what you could achieve if you weren’t plagued by these incessant thoughts and their accompanying feelings?
It is the case, that men and women who learn how to push past and better yet, change their relationship to their fears will always accomplish more than those who give in to it.
I have been there. I went from being in a constant state of fear and anxiety which prevented me from doing and achieving so many things to having a completely new & exciting way of seeing & experiencing myself & life which is what has enabled me to achieve so many incredible accomplishments.
I now teach and mentor others exactly how to do the same.
To free themselves from the limits of their comfort zone, analysis paralysis, doubt & those fears of the unknown, using extremely powerful processes that I created specifically for this purpose.

“There are millions of people out there that will promise to help you to achieve your goals. However, if your beliefs & your deeper feelings aren’t fully on board, if you get stuck in procrastination or imposter syndrome if you overthink or don’t feel the confidence within to fully implement the actions that they teach you, how will you achieve the results you desire?

Most people get stuck on the implementation & follow up stage & traditional mindset techniques only seem to scratch the surface” 

Dionne Williams

About Emotional Blocks

Do you have an emotional or mental block?

It is likely that you have some residual past emotional energy blocking your ability to create what you really want. Get in touch with us now to arrange for us to get this block removed with ease.

The Services I Offer

Business Consultancy, Strategy & Transformational Coaching

The GSG Blindspot Diagnosis

The Success Activator

Are you ready to Getsetgo?

My clients are typically highly qualified, highly experienced, high achievers who want nothing more than to make an impact & a lot of money in their business, this goal is non-negotiable for them
You have definitely found the right place if you know that you are procrastinating or holding yourself back from your brilliance?
And you know that if you had the right mindset, support & strategy, that works to unlock you from this state, you would be doing some truly amazing things in your life & business right now.
Schedule a call with me to find out how I can help you get to your desired outcome, as someone that fully appreciates & understands how scary & confronting change can be, from years of experience helping people just like you.
Using my own special techniques and other proven methods for releasing mental and emotional blockages, I will help you to remove the weight of the world from your shoulders:

Who is Dionne Williams?

I have over 10 years experience and have helped thousands of entrepreneurs, professionals and small business owners to start grow and scale their businesses.
For years I had been eager to start my own business but had been too afraid to take the leap. Fear, insecurity and doubt kept me holding onto a salary I believed at the time was my only safety net.
After being made redundant in 2016, I studied for my Transformational Coaching Diploma and the rest is history, I’ve never looked back. I have since developed incredible teachings to dissolve the fears and stories that hold people back from going for what they really want and achieving their truest goals.
As a Business Strategist & Mindset Coach, I now combine many years of experience helping entrepreneurs to overcome & dissolve perceived limitation, fear, imposter syndrome & overthinking (along with the feelings that accompany them) so that they are able to realise their own truest potential along with the confidence to pursuit it.
I also design bespoke strategy & plans to make the implementation much easier which ensures my clients achieve the goals & freedom they desire.

“I am different from other ‘coaches. I help people to connect to their own perfect strategy & I also help them to clear any limiting beliefs or emotional attachments to activate their mindset for success”

Dionne Williams

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Business Strategist, Confidence Coach & Success Catalyst for those that are ready to Get UNstuck. Teaching you how to overcome any obstacles or blocks & any fears of the unknown.
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Business Consultancy, Strategy & Transformational Coaching

Receive a Bespoke 12 Month Action, Strategy & Implementation Plan.
Success Activator + Resistance & Doubt Buster Sessions (The letting go of limiting beliefs, ideas, thoughts & deeply embedded feelings that fuel self-sabotage.

The GSG Blindspot Diagnosis

Combine that with the Success Activator + Resistance, & Doubt Buster sessions (The letting go of limiting beliefs, ideas, thoughts, feelings deeply embedded and fueling self-sabotage) & you’re ready for success

The Success Activator

I will identify all of the ways that your current way of thinking and beliefs are holding you back, along with a list of actionable, empowering solutions & actions. A lot of coaches only skim the surface of the deeper work required to truly have a shift in mindset. This is about Self Mastery. This is about connecting to the truth of who you really are.
I will teach you and show you exactly where and how the actions you are taking and the thoughts that you are believing, are impacting the outcomes in your life at all levels & how to reconnect back to the truth of you.
Be prepared to let go of years of conditioning and habitual patterns that are residing within you & keeping your results & experience in a continual loop.
The shifts that take place are profound & the fun we will have doing so will be too.
No therapy. No Affirmations. No meditations. No healing required. All of my services are tailor made to fit each unique individual.
Group Workshops & Programs are tailored & available for Corporate Organisations.